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If you are overweight, dark tone is better regarding dress. For instance, a dark shirt, dress, pants, and so on. Since dark shading contracts the body size generally. If you need to look taller and elegant, wear high heels, a belt, and a shirt. Triangle high heels make legs look longer. If you have a major thigh, avoid printed pants. It makes you look fat. Additionally, conveying a handbag assists with looking slimmer.

Don’t sport white, neon and splendid garments if fat. These tones extend the body size and don’t look extraordinary for the individuals who are overweight. All things considered, pick more obscure shadings like dull blue, naval force blue, dim earthy colored, dim green, and so on. Avoid red, orange, panther, and pink tones. These tones likewise feature the body size and the paunch part.

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