There is a dining culture whether it’s for lunch or dinner. If you are elegant lady, it’s a crucial part. Some women make the following mistakes while dining.

  • Place a wine glass in the wrong place on the table. A wine glass is should be placed right to the water glass.
  • Cutting a salad with a knife.
  • Eating a bread bun in big pieces. Most elegant ladies eat bread in small pieces, especially in France, because it looks more elegant and also regarded as a dining culture.
  • Don’t pour water only for yourself. Pour water into others’ glasses first and then for yourself.
  • Don’t put a fork and knife on the edge of a plate. Instead, place them on the plate.
  • Don’t place a knife facing outward. It’s one of the big mistakes in the dining culture. Place a knife in an inward position.
  • Don’t makeup on a dining table. If you need to freshen up your makeup, go to a bathroom.
  • Hold a wine glass towards the base of the stem.
  • Don’t sneeze on a dining table.
  • After finished with dining, place used napkins on a plate. In most cases, place napkins on your left-hand side.

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