Generally, there are 5 body shapes for ladies. In the wake of realizing your body shape, you can dress accordingly

  • Hour glass body shape. These sorts of ladies have little midsection and greater hips.
  • Inverted triangle body form. Most of them have more extensive shoulder and straight hips.
  • Pear body form. They will in general have wide hips and little shoulder.
  • Rectangle body form. These ladies can wear any sorts of garments and it fits them very well.
  • Apple body shape. Ladies in this classification will in general be round shaped

If you wish to dress pleasantly and sharp, it is essential to realize your own body shape. First activity is to gauge your size, for example, bust, abdomen and hips.

Hour Glass

If you are hourglass-formed, it is critical to feature your chest and wear V neck garments. Since your midriff is small, it can look alluring when you wear a well-fitted dress or shirt that shows your abdomen and bust lines. It is consistently shrewd to show your awe-inspiring side. In the event that you need to glance more modest regarding size, you can generally pick a hazier shading like dark and naval force dull blue. A belt can be maintained a strategic distance from for these sorts of body types. You ought to consistently know to not wear too easygoing garments since it can cover up your awe-inspiring side.

Inverted Triangle

V formed ladies will in general look athletic. The best stunt to look pleasant for them is to flaunt their shoulders. It is suggested to wear a V-formed dress or shirts. Wearing a coat or overcoat that is offering volume to your shoulder size can be dodged. Since your shoulder can look wider.


If you are pear-molded and having a little shoulder, it is imperative to offer volume to your chest part by wearing tops that make your shoulder look more extensive. This way it can fix the little shoulder. You can go for vivid and splendid outfits and adorn them with a cap, studs, and a scarf. With respect to the base part, you can pick hazier garments. This way your leg and thigh look slimmer and your upper part is minimal more extensive than normal.


Women in this classification can nearly wear anything and it suits them pleasantly. You can wear garments with all tones and designs


They will in general have enticing body shape, it is consistently a smart thought to show your chest region and cleavage. You may shroud your stomach part by wearing not tight garments. It is ideal to wear one tone from head to toe, and it makes you look more slender and longer.

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