If you need to look dazzling with excellent make-up on Christmas evening, here are a few hints regarding picking eye shadow, lip colors and face foundation.

Eye Make-Up

For eye shadow, you can pick glittering shades to give a festive look. To begin with, apply some glittering or metallic eye shadow on your eyelid and afterward down your eyebrows to lift your eyebrows. A short time later, apply some mascara to your lashes.


You can play with these three colors: red, rose, and prune. Metallic, velvety, or glossy, you can pick your top choice. Notwithstanding, deciding on matte lipstick is a superior decision if you are having an extraordinary supper with your friends and family.


As for concealer or face foundations, you can pick a water-based or light. If you have a full coverage foundation, you can blend it in with a hydrating cream to avoid a cakey look and make it look like light makeup. You can apply some illuminating powder under your eyebrows, neck, and nose to give an iridescent look. That will make you look beautiful and festive.

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