Manuka honey is a honey produced from the nectar of Manuka trees grown in New Zealand and Australia. It’s first originated in New Zealand. It has been used as medicinal honey for centuries. This honey itself has many benefits such as antimicrobial effects, skincare inflammation, intestinal and stomach problems.

Antimicrobial effects

Manuka honey has higher anti-bacterial effects comparing to regular kinds of honey because of its medicinal properties. It can be used for sore throat, cold, and flu seasons. What makes it different from other honey is that Manuka honey contains an ingredient called methylglyoxal and non-peroxide anti-bacterial properties. These ingredients have proven to treat acne, burns, and wounds. Manuka honey can also be used for some conditions of dermatitis and eczema in consultation with your GP. Not only does it help with skin conditions, but also nourishes and hydrates dry skin.

Skin care

This honey is great for acne-prone skin. Most acne and blemishes are caused by some bacterias and inflammation. It also helps for healing damaged skins and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. When using Manuka honey for skincare, one may use it straight or dilute it with some water. However, it is not recommended to use honey with hot water as it might reduce the essential ingredients of honey.

Manuka honey for intestinal and stomach problems

Manuka honey can have some properties that inhibit the growth of H.Pylori. It may also prevent from stomach ulcers forming due to its effects on different intestinal bad bacteria overgrowth. According to some studies, it is effective for some people experiencing acid reflux problems because it coats esophageal lining and reduces inflammation caused by acid. If you’re having intestinal and stomach problems, intake of 1 or 2 teaspoons is a good dosage to start for medicinal purposes. If you have high blood sugar or other health conditions, it’s advisable to talk to your doctor before consuming Manuka honey.

Quality of Manuka honey

When it comes to choosing a Manuka honey, it’s important to have a look at the UMF rating- the Unique Manuka Factor. UMF is a grading system that shows bioactive chemical compounds. A higher UMF rating, the better antimicrobial, and medicinal properties. The rating can range from 5+ UMF to 20+ UMF. The price of Manuka honey can be high and varies. So it’s best to pick one that is of great quality and genuine.

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